Cotn HIll Persians

If you have a cat from Cotn Hill and would like to share you kitty please send us a picture....

CH Cotn Hill's Ignite
red tabby and white exotic

GC RW Candirand's Crash Bandicoot
of Cotn Hill X CH Cotn Hill's Noel

Now living in Germany

GC Cotn Hill's Living Legacy
black and white bicolor Persian

GC RW Candirand's Crash Bandicoot
of Cotn Hill X GC Fanci FX Margarita
of Cotn Hill, DM

Repeat breeding of Trash. Legacy picked up 187 points in one show.

GC Cotn Hill's Prowler In The Night (of Nottinghill)
black Persian

GC Catillak's Boll Weevil of Cotn Hill
X CH Pojo's Nightly Blossom of Cotn Hill

Now living with Linda Zebrowski of Nottinghill

GP, CH Cotn Hill
John Deere Green

blue and white bicolor Persian

John is now living with
Bonnie as a spoiled lap cat.

Cotn Hill Stripper Clean
red tabby and white Persian

GC, RW Cotn Hill's No Trash Here
X CH Petmar's Kodachrome of Cotn Hill

GC Cotn Hill's Striped Delight
of Fanci FX

brown patched tabby Persian

Thank you to Joe and Mary Jo for loving this girl.


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