Cotn HIll Persians
Our Female Persians

GC, RW Desmin's Dolce Vita of Cotn Hill
Brown patched tabby and white Exotic

GC, RW Cotn Hill's No Trash Here
X GC, BW, NW Desmin Driving Miss Daisy

CH Willangi Special Pandora of Cotn Hill
brown patched tabby and white Persian

GC, NW Cotn Hill Special Delivery
X Willangi Rose Patch

Thank you, Jan and Patricia, for this "special" surprise.
Your friendship means so much to me.

GC, DW Dega-Bulu California Blue
blue mackerel tabby and white Exotic

GC Desmin Dinky of Dega-Bulu X Latin Lover Blue Moon of Dega-Bulu
Dear friends Annet and Tonny, thank you for allowing California to come live with us.


(Photo coming soon)
GC Desmin Dixie Summer, DM
brown patched tabby and white Exotic

CH Desmin Five Spot, DM
X GC, GP Mint Hill Magic of Desmin

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